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Teacher Ziggy’s advice for snowy weather

At the beginning of this week the children and staff took great joy in exploring our outdoor space, completely transformed by a layer of snow. They discovered new physical boundaries as ice made climbing and running different, they made impressions in the snow and sang songs about the season.

Despite our all-weather approach to learning through play, the safety of our staff, the children and their parents and carers comes first so rather than encourage driving in dangerous conditions we closed the school for a snow day on Thursday and Friday.

Teacher Ziggy was delighted to announce the news, Steiner style in the form of song. We hope you enjoy it!


Rain or Shine

So when the sun had finally started to emerge from behind the clouds in mid May I was ecstatic. I totally enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my face as I worked in the Beechtree sandpit or ate snack. I did not wear a hat as I would normally. Instead I welcomed the sunburn. I dared the sunburn. I willed the sun to stay out longer and longer each day.

I shared my thoughts with the children while we ate snack one day and received a mixed and noncommittal response. But before I could follow up, the conversation had moved on. Later, I asked three children independently which they preferred: sun or rain, and surprisingly three out of the three children responded with the answer “Rain!”

“Why?” I asked, trying to replace my disbelief with curiosity.

Each replied in their own way, “MUD!”

There are two things that I have since gained an appreciation of since: foul weather gear and mud. I’ve been outside in all types of weather, but growing up in Rhode Island, when it rained we stayed indoors. Kids generally stayed indoors and built forts, wrestled, read books, or played games. It didn’t rain too frequently, and if it did we knew enough to avoid it. Here at Beechtree we are outside every day regardless of the weather and it’s cool. Through our bodies we experience the seasons. On a subconscious level we understand the world as it changes each day. We see the insects crawl, we hear the leaves rustle, we feel the sun warm and the rain cool. One day we got hail, sunshine, and rain. None of us minded. My feet were dry and well, I was impervious thanks to my foulies. The dramatic shifts in weather enlivened the moods of children, but more than that, it was the puddles and mud that got everyone overwhelmed with glee. I watched as child after child jumped with both feet and utter abandon into a deep puddle of muddy water. They were sheltered by an evergreen tree from above so while the storm whirled around us, the children were free to splish and splash. I did not try to fit my water resistant but not water proof feet into the splash hole, but I did make a note to buy a pair of Wellies so I could the next time.