Singing Lanterns

Preparations for Friday’s Diwali and Martinmas Walk have occupied our activities for the past month.

We’ve paced it out so it hasn’t been exhausting, grueling, or even a slight hardship. Way back in early October we collected leaves from the trees around the yard and made rubbings with them on large thick sheets of paper. We made lovely impressions using all the materials available to us: crayons of yellow, orange, red, brown, and gold- the colors of Autumn.

The illustrations were then hand oiled by each artist before being folded, cut, glued, and pinned together to create the lanterns you all will see on Friday.

We began singing the two songs associated with Diwali and Martimas at mid term, and for the past week each Kindergarten class has been practicing the art of walking with a delicate, yet surprisingly hardy lantern. There have been a couple tears shed after lantern breakdowns (yes, we can repair those), but on the whole the processions have been reverent, fun, and I for one can’t wait to see the lanterns all lit up at dusk accompanied by the voices of the Beechtree community.