SEN and Disability

Local Offer: Early Years Setting
Name of Setting: Beechtree Steiner Initiative Kindergarten

Beechtree Kindergarten offers 15 hours free places for 3 year old children. Additional hours are available for SEN provision.
At Beechtree Kindergarten we welcome all children from the age of 3 years to the age of 6 years.
The Kindergarten is open Monday to Thursday from 8am (starting with Breakfast club) and on Friday from 8.45 (starting with Early  drop off). The core Kindergarten session runs between 9.15am -1.45am Monday to Friday. There is also the option for the children to stay a full day Monday – Thursday until 5pm.

We have an Education Coordinator and a Kindergarten manager who share overall responsibility for the management of the setting. There are other members of named staff responsible for different aspects such as: Safeguarding Special Educational Needs and Health and Safety. All staff are responsible for monitoring the quality of provision and the learning environment on offer within the Kindergarten setting. This is overseen by the Education Coordinator and the manager.
We are supported to be as inclusive as possible for the needs of pupils with a special educational need/s being met in the setting wherever possible where families wish this to happen.

Identification and Early Intervention – Questions

  • How does the Kindergarten know if a child needs extra help and what should a parent do if they think their child may have a special educational need?
  • How do you identify children with special educational needs?
  • How can a parent raise any concerns they have?
  • How do you access additional advice and support? ( make reference to the setting’s SEN/inclusion policy and how this identifies the graduated response the Kindergarten follows)
  • How are decisions made about how to support a child?
  • How do you determine and plan for additional support from within the setting? Describe the decision making process. Who will make the decision and on what basis? Who else will be involved? How will a parent/parents be involved?

What Our Kindergarten can provide

Children’s progress is closely monitored within the Kindergarten. Each child has their own key person and learning journey. The key person will introduce themselves to all new families and strive to maintain very close links with parents to ensure the best outcomes for the children. Keeping parents fully updated on the progress of their child. The child’s learning journey will include annotated observations of them at Kindergarten. Comments and observations from family and tracking information about their progress across the areas of learning and development (EYFS). Informal chats at the end of the session are a very important way of sharing information we also make arrangements for more formal key person/parent meetings are made twice a year to share the child’s journey and progress. Additional parents can arrange to meet with the key person to discuss any issues in more depth at any time.

Ensuring that all children have access to excellent teaching and that the curriculum and the learning environment is adapted to meet your child’s individual needs (known as differentiation).

Checking on the progress of your child and identifying, planning and delivering any additional help your child may need (this could be things like targeting a specific area, additional support). For some children the next step may also include developing an individual education plan, (IEP) where specific targets are developed with the parents to support the child’s development.

We may also discuss with parents whether it would be appropriate with parental consent to refer their child to other services such as speech/language therapy. This will be discussed in consultation with the SENco.

Our Special Educational Needs policy provides the context for supporting children through these next steps. This is referred to as the graduated response. Our SEN policy is available in the setting.

When children require access to resources that are significantly different to resources available to us we endeavour to access these: loaning them from the Inclusion Service or purchasing if sufficient funds are available. We liaise with parents and outside professionals to ensure that resources are appropriate for the needs of the child.

All staff work with external professionals who visit children within the Kindergarten, some staff members will have more experience of this than others but the setting’s SENCO will provide support. For some children their targeted learning plan will identify the need for specific time set aside for one-to one support. At Kindergarten we endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to provide this.

At Kindergarten we go to the park on Friday mornings. We undertake risk assessments of the park and the journey there and consider the needs of the children who will be going. We make reasonable adjustments when planning trips to ensure the place we visit is accessible and meet the needs of the children attending our Kindergarten.