Parent & Child and Baby Group

Beechtree’s Parent/Caregiver and Child and Baby Groups have been
reimagined in the wake of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

During term-time and when allowed by government lockdown restrictions, we
offer Outdoor Groups which run on Thursday and Friday mornings for
parents/caregivers and their children (0-3) in the woods at Temple Newsam.
We also now run a term-time Indoor Baby Group (birth to crawling) on a
Tuesday morning at Adel Quakers Meeting House for parents/caregivers and
their babies from birth to crawling and a new Indoor Parent and Child
Group for parents/caregivers and their children aged 0-3 on a Wednesday
morning at Stainbeck Lane Community Hall.
Please scroll down in order to find the application form in the section “How to
Apply” to register your interest in any of these groups with us. There you can
download a form to complete and send to
We can arrange a visit to see if you like the group you are interested in and,
depending on availability, offer you a space in the group or on the waiting list.
The following text relates to our pre-coronavirus offering, in order to give an
idea of how the groups are intended to run. The groups we are running at the
moment operate to different times, depending on the setting. They may be
simpler, pared down versions of what you will find below but still contain the
essence of what we have to offer:

Parent and Child

During term-time, we offer indoor and outdoor Parent and Child groups suitable for children from birth to age 3 years.
The indoor groups are held each weekday from 10:00am to 12:00pm and the outdoor groups are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

They are a wonderful way to make friends and build a support network, something so important for parent wellbeing. A healthy community is a fundamental part of Steiner education settings and we pride ourselves in helping to facilitate strong relationships. You can learn more about our community here.

The rhythm of Parent & Child

The indoor group follows a similar rhythm to the Kindergarten session. We begin with a craft activity or baking allowing the children time to play and explore the simple natural toys and materials. The children come together and tidy up, eat a snack and join in singing songs before finishing with storytelling and freshly baked warm bread.

Our outdoor group begins with free play, allowing the children the freedom to explore the outdoor space whilst the parents and carers have a hot drink. In the second part of the session we all come together to make flatbreads and popcorn to cook on the fire and enjoy with some fresh fruit. We sing songs and tell stories about the seasons.

Baby Group

We also offer a Baby Group on Thursday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm (during term=time) for expectant parents and parents/carers and their pre-mobile babies. Once these babies begin to crawl, families are welcome to transfer to one of our indoor or outdoor Parent and Child groups (which are also suitable for newborns)

The Baby Group will offer parents and carers of new babies time and space, facilitated by an experienced parent and child leader, to connect with yourself, your baby and with other families. The idea of “Caring for the Carer” is fundamental to Baby Group.

The rhythm of Baby Group

Based in our dedicated parent and child room, the group will follow a gentle rhythm, as all our parent and child groups do, drawing on inspiration from Steiner Early Years Philosophy.

Parents/carers will be greeted with a hot drink and cake, after which the group will gather in circle, and each adult has the opportunity to speak and be listened to by the rest of the group while babies rest and play. There is no pressure for anyone to speak if they don’t want to but this can be a helpful time to share any worries and joys. There will then be some informal time to relax and play together before a period of quiet mindfulness in which parent/carers can rest in their own presence and if necessary just gently observe and be with their baby. Following this, the group will sing some songs and enjoy a simple story before we say our goodbyes and go home.

The baby may stay in the group until the end of the first half-term in which they starts crawling. A space will be offered in a Parent and Child Group from the start of the following half term or sooner.

How to apply

If you are interested in our indoor and outdoor Parent and Child groups or the Baby group, please contact us via for an information pack and application form or download one below:

Initial Interest Letter

Parent and Child/Baby Group Application Form



Our Parent & Child and Baby Groups are run on a termly basis and we ask for each term’s fees to be paid at the start of the term. The fees are £6 per session for 1 child or £7 per session if there are 2 or more siblings.

For parents interested in joining Beechtree Steiner’s Kindergarten classes for age 3-6 years, our Parent and Child and Baby Groups act as an excellent introduction to entering childcare, allowing the children to make friends and learn the gentle rhythms of Steiner education. Learn more about our Kindergarten.