Keeping our connection through Eurythmy

Nearly a month ago we watched the New Year’s Day concert from Vienna which is a lifelong tradition of mine with my family. Every year of the last half-century I have listened and thoroughly enjoyed the various polkas, waltzes and other pieces of the concert and waited impatiently for the last piece, which is always the Radetzky March.

This year’s concert was different. We could enjoy the fabulous music played by committed musicians conducted by a world-famous conductor in a beautifully decorated concert hall, but the seats of the hall were empty, no audience could take part in the concert. It was most perceptible by the very last piece where the marching rhythm was always clapped by the audience and conducted by the conductor, leaving the orchestra to play the music alone. Missing this experience, we met with a new one; we were hearing the music without the “disturbance” of clapping, yet still creating a social feeling that we are all taking part in the creation of that music.

I have found in this experience a tight relationship to movement and other ‘School’ sessions in these last weeks. With movement we can touch somebody else’s heart; movement can inspire us to act together, leaving no time for fear and making us stronger. For all the children, going outside, experiencing the changes, the arrival of Springtime and interacting with the real world, running, skipping and playing will encourage them and continue the connection with Eurythmy until they return to school.

I would like to say a huge thank you for all your help and participation in our sessions where we will continue making visible seasonal poems with movement and singing beautiful songs.

Gabriella Vasas-Turnbull
Eurythmy and Music teacher