Breakfast Club (8.00am – 8.45am – 0.75 hrs)                  £  4.50 regular / £  5.00 one-off
Morning session (8.45am – 1.45pm – 5 hours)               £27.00 regular / £28.00 one-off
Afternoon Care (1.45pm – 5.00pm – 3.25 hours)           £17.60 regular / £18.10 one-off
Lunch*                                                                                   £ 2.20 per day
Snack in Breakfast Club / Afternoon care                        50p / session

*The cost of lunch is £2.20 per day. The cost of snacks in Breakfast Club and Afternoon care is 50p in each session. If you are entitled to free school meals, the charge is waived.

All 3 and 4 years olds are eligible for 15 hours, and some children are eligible for an additional 15 hours of Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) per week for 38 weeks per year which can be offset against kindergarten fees. Beechtree will claim this grant on your behalf and deduct it from your fees at the beginning of each term. A child is eligible for FEEE from the term after their 3rd birthday until the end of the term in which the child turns 5.

Rising 3’s (near 3 year olds, but not yet 3, ready for Kindergarten)

For children under the age of 3 we are obliged by law to provide additional staff supervision. Unfortunately we have no option but the cover this by charging by charging an under 3s premium. This is calculated to do no more than cover the additional cost.

The premium is 80p per hour, which will cease on the child’s 3rd birthday.


Yearly fees for the school, Class One & Two (25hrs per week, not including lunch)  £ 5,265
Yearly fees for the school, Class Three (28hrs per week, not including lunch)            £ 5,690
Lunches (5 days a week)                                                                                                                £    418

Monthly fees

Paid over 11 months Lunches paid over 11 months Paid over 12 months Lunches paid over 12 months
Class One & Two £478.64 / month £38 / month £438.75 / month £34.85 / month
Class Three £517.30 / month £474.17 / month


Our preferred payment method is: Bank transfer to Beechtree Steiner Initiative, Sort code: 60-83-01, Acc. Number: 20231820 but we also accept Cheques, payable to Beechtree Steiner Initiative and cash.