The school

Class One & Class Two

In September 2017 we moved premises in order to expand our provision to include Class One, (for ages six to seven) becoming the first Steiner School In Leeds.

If you would like more information or require an application form,  please call  0113 345 5858 or email

The Steiner School Experience

The Steiner curriculum balances academic, creative, practical and active learning while taking into account each pupil’s emotional, social, physical and spiritual development. The focus for the year is numeracy and literacy.  Some examples of how this is taught are:

  • Literacy: The teacher tells stories, often fairy tales, which the children recall verbally, and through drawing and artistic activities. Appropriate verses, poems, tongue twisters and songs are taught and playfully explored to create a firm foundation for oral and aural skills. Letters, words and sentences are drawn out of these stories and rhymes in images to form the beginnings of learning the shapes and sounds of letters. You can see some examples in our blog about the first term in Class One.


  • Numeracy : Movement is used to help the children with numbers and mathematics.  building from the rhythm of one to one correspondence and into odd and even number and then the different patterns of the times tables all starts physically with the feet and hands. You can see some examples in our blog about the second term in Class One.

This is supported by the teaching of subjects such as handwork and music

The Structure of the School Day

Each day begins with a two-hour lesson delivered by the Class Teacher.  This so-called Main-Lesson or Morning-Lesson (both terms are used interchangeably) is an essential feature of the Steiner teaching method, and includes: ‘activities to awaken and focus the child’s attention, oral and written practice of basic skills, mental arithmetic, music and drawing, presentation of new material, recall and discussion of previous day’s (or earlier) work, individual working, conversation, narrative and practical work.

The focus of the main-lesson changes every 3-4 weeks, and ’embraces and addresses a varied and progressive range of skills, competencies and faculties in mathematics, English, the arts, science and humanities.  Each day’s main-lesson is viewed as an integrated and organic whole.  Meaningful connections are made across subject areas and between main-lesson themes.’

The school year then consists of these Main Lesson blocks which the class teacher sculpts into an artistic whole.  During the first years of school, this will consist largely of Main Lesson blocks focused on the different aspects of English, of Numeracy, of Story, Picture and Imagination.  The class teacher will find a balance between these different strands, weaving each subject into the others while following the seasonal flow of the year.

To experience what we do at Beechtree, and understand more about the Steiner initiative, you can attend any of our public events and festivals and open evenings that we have throughout the year. For regular updates on upcoming events, check our news page on this website or look at our facebook page.

Our long term aim has been to provide Steiner Education for children in Leeds, from birth to age 14, and we are excited that by extending our provision we can offer Steiner Education to as many families as possible.

Children are able to join our school at age six. (Equivalent to mainstream Year 2) . The children will be taught in accordance with the Steiner School Curriculum. This curriculum  offers a well established, in depth and child centered alternative to the national curriculum. For more much more detail and information visit .

Beechtree Steiner School is an independent school and thus fee paying. The school fee is £5,265 per year or £478.64 per month paid over 11 months.

As per the Steiner Curriculum, each school day is based around a two-hour main lesson subject, followed by a variety of shorter lessons in the afternoon.

The school starts at 8.45am and finishes at 1.45pm Monday to Friday.

If you would like to join our school or have any enquiries please call  0113 345 5858 or email