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The magic of Beechtree

More than 20 years ago a group of children and adults developed a very special place. 5 years ago a group of pioneers put their heart and soul to make it larger and make its journey longer. We believed in their project and followed them.

Let me tell you about this place.

This is a place where the smell of tea, coffee, freshly baked bread or chapatis, and popcorn over a fire will nourish the connection among human beings. Where time is not rushed and rhythms, celebrations, and rituals are important.

This is a place where toys have a texture because they are made of wood, wool or felt so they stimulate your senses and your curiosity.

This is a place where anything can happen because your imagination is set free and playing is the most important task of the day.

This is a place where we learn the importance of not hurting ourselves or others and taking care of the space around us.

This is a place where you develop a sense of belonging because you contribute with your helping hands: chopping, kneading, mending, hugging, drawing, building… Where our feet are ‘walking feet’ indoors but climbing, splashing muddy boots outdoors. Where through rhymes, clapping, dances, and finger knitting they will know if you are ready to discover the amazing world of the singing letters and the graffito pencils.

Where stories are told every day and without knowing, you become a storyteller.
This is a place where stories will touch your heart and create images in your mind so powerful, that you will never forget what Peter Plus, Molly Minus, Matilda Multiple, David Divide, and Queen Equal meant to do with your conkers, marbles and stones.

In this place your voice is heard and taken seriously so you soon feel confident to share your opinions and feelings and to listen to those raised by others.

This is a place where childhood is valued, protected, and respected, a safe place to be curious and inquisitive.
This is a place that has managed to explain itself to the rest of the world and translate what they do into Ofsted language: GOOD

This place is our school: Beechtree.

We need people to invest in this amazing project. We need a new space, new helping hands and new families.

What can you offer? Let us see you, hear you, contact us!!!