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Eurythmy arrived into Beechtree!

by Gabriella Vasas-Turnbull our new Eurythmy Teacher

“Eurythmy lets the soul life flow outwards and thereby becomes a real expression of the human being, like language; eurythmy is visible speech.” Rudolf Steiner

From end of February, the timetable of the school expanded with fortnightly eurythmy lessons for the Kindergarten groups, Class 1-2 and for parents and staff.

Engaging with eurythmy engages and fosters the growing child, evolves the social fabric of the class and creates many smiling children who are enjoying the movement.

Learning in eurythmy means that the children and adults exploring meaningful movement, developing:
– bodily and kinaesthetic awareness spatial orientation, lateral thinking and subtle, feeling capabilities;
– a healthy relationship to self and others;
– an understanding of form and metamorphosis;
– knowledge of the relationship between time and space and how movement exists through the interplay of these two elements;
– a harmonious relationship between qualities of expansion and contraction and the three directions in space;
– movement in symmetrical forms and choreographic skills;
– performance skills which encompass, age appropriately, an awareness of ensemble members and audience; appreciation for their own and others’ works.

Making in eurythmy begins with imitation of the teacher’s movements and combinations of patterns and gestures which give expressions to simple characters from stories and poems as well as to forms in the world around them in combination with the Main Lesson.

In the festivals, the children will be able to show these stories and poems through movements and gestures specific to eurythmy.

Afternoon Care

by Karpale Kaur

Afternoon care begins at 1:45pm after Kindergarten and our Bluebells and Snowdrops meet together and have a snack. Snacks usually consist of raisins and seeds with some fruit, some days we may even have warm chapattis.

Then it is time to snuggle down for rest time and children may read a book for 15 minutes then have time to rest their heads. At 3:15pm afternoon play commences and children are able to play and even to do some baking such as making flapjacks or biscuits. Some children undertake sewing during this time to express their creativity!

Children do take part in a range of activities that may also include: creating wooden-plank structures, drawing and dressing up (with capes and crowns).

Having respect for allergies

Class 1/2 have been busy making posters collaboratively today after a class discussion about the importance of taking care of each other by understanding the allergies we have in our community and what we need to do.

The posters will be displayed in the building as a gentle reminder to all to check the ingredients for everything we bring into Beechtree as we have a child and a staff member who are both severely allergic to nuts.

You can learn more by reading our food and drink policy.