Parent Testimonials

“As a Child Psychotherapist the ways in which children are respected, valued and seen for who they are and the contribution they can make, is really important to me. We feel so fortunate to have a Steiner kindergarten /school in Leeds as options for child-led, rather than testing-led education are becoming hard to find. Our 4.5 year old twins have spent 18 months in this nurturing and creative environment and have absolutely blossomed. So much so that we’ve decided to bite the bullet and keep them in Beechtree post 5 rather than send them to mainstream school. And we are not people that EVER previously considered alternative education (!) so this decision is testament to the incredible provision on offer. At Beechtree children are supported to take ‘safe’ risks (and in so doing understand their bodies and what they can do more), to love the environment and to develop a deep confidence in themselves and in relationship with others. The Steiner approach is giving our kids an amazing foundation in social-emotional-physical development and the opportunity to learn through play, which is children’s natural means of learning at this age. I believe this foundation will set them up to fly with other forms of learning later on.”

“The idea that learning can be progressed at a child’s pace seems to be sorely missing in general at present, and the focus on this along with viewing and developing children as individuals led us to Beechtree. It has genuinely been staggering to see how our child has developed with respect to social skills, creativity, intelligence and more, and clearly enjoying every step of the way. It is a joy to see how the children interact, treating each other with kindness and respect, and going out of their way to help others. I am delighted that Beechtree is expanding and able to offer an alternative to mainstream education beyond kindergarten. This community spirit doesn’t stop with the children, however, and extends to parents, teacher and everybody involved – it has been an honour to meet some of the most genuine, kind, respectful and hard working people I have ever met.”

“We are so grateful for Beechtree. Not only are the staff incredible with children and committed to give everyone in their care a gentle, unhurried and magical start in life but they have been so supportive of our son’s allergy needs. Their attention to detail and natural approach keeps him safe and he is so happy there.”

“Beechtree is such a lovely place! The staff have such respect for all the children and the children respond to the gentle rhythm so well. The natural toys inside and the garden outside create the perfect environment for children to develop at their own pace.”

“Beechtree is a unique and special place. The emphasis in nature, being outdoors and being in touch with the seasons through creative play, songs and stories gives children what they desperately need in today’s world of screen time and business. A slowing down, time to wonder at the detail of everything and be a child is at the heart of beechtree. The staff are very dynamic, caring and creative, as well as highly skilled. I would (and I often do) recommend steiner to friends and others I meet. I am sure when the new premises are functioning, the specialness that is the steiner philosophy and people will be recreated on an even more wonderful scale than before. Thank you beechtree.”

“I attended the Beechtree Parent & Child group with my two daughters between 2013 and 2016 and we absolutely loved it! Our group leader was really wonderful – kind and gentle but with a nurturing authority which I really respected. Getting out in the fresh air was a godsend in the days where I was a frazzled tired parent of two preschoolers and I have made some friends for life there. I think I went more for my own sanity and not for my children! Thank you Beechtree, we will never forget you.”

“I have never known anywhere like Beechtree before, J’s birthday today was so very special, all of the children and teachers making him cards and singing to him and his teacher finding the time to make his present….he wants to sleep with it in bed tonight and never take it off! It made him feel so very special and important, as parents we were so touched…..almost cried…which would’ve been embarrassing in front of the whole class!! What an amazing thing to do for each child. Thank you for always putting so much thought and care into our children – we couldn’t wish for a better start in life for J.”

“Moving P to Steiner was the best decision I ever made for her. I love that she is so nurtured and that every week I see or hear something from her that she’s learnt from Beechtree that makes me smile/makes my heart happy. The community is wonderful and Beechtree is just such a positive and supportive place for both P and myself! Thank you Beechtree”

“My daughter is so relaxed and happy after a day at Beechtree. the staff are truly considerate and caring, and genuinely want the very best for each individual child. It is such an inspiring place to be as an adult, I feel valued each time I walk in the door and am so glad to be part of it”

“My two children attended Kindergarten at Beechtree for two years each and then moved into mainstream state education.  They had a wonderful experience at Beechtree and both thrived there.  Whenever I entered the Kindergarten at a time that children were present I was always amazed at the atmosphere which the staff and children created together.  The overriding feeling was one of calm and mutual enjoyment.  I witnessed staff and children take meals together and converse together in a way which I am sure is quite unusual in groups of children of that age.  Children are listened to and respected as individuals.  At the same time, they understand that there are rules and know how to behave according to the situation they are in.”

“Communication between staff and parents was always excellent and I always had the feeling that my children were not only looked after in a safe environment, but also that they were being nurtured by people who genuinely cared about them.”

“Where do I start to say how wonderful beechtree is?! My boys started when they were 3 after doing parent and child groups and I was just blown over with how they embrace children and really appreciate each individual personality and work with that rather then dampen that down. Children are allowed to take safe risks and in doing so create self esteem and confidence in their bodies. My boys have come on in leaps and bounds since being at Beechtree and the teachers are incredible, they all put so much effort, time and passion into the job they do making it even more of a safe and special environment for the children. We have made the choice to carry on into the school and we are so excited to see where it leads us as a family and how much more our children will soak up from such a loving Steiner family. Beechtree you’re awesome!”

“Both our daughters attend the Steiner Kindergartens.  They are very happy and always look forward to their time there.  It has been wonderful to watch their imaginative play develop and their sense of nature and the seasons through the celebrations and songs they learn and share.  Our youngest daughter has Down Syndrome and she has integrated fully into the Kindergarten through the commitment and awareness of staff.  We would strongly recommend both the Kindergartens.”
“My daughters have both gone to Beechtree Kindergartens.  The experience that kids have there is something really special – palpably different from a mainstream nursery, however good.  Everything is so calm (not always, of course!), ordered and well thought-out.  The emphasis on creative and social skills, learning little songs and routines together, and being aware of the natural world, has given the girls such a rich fund to draw on.”