The School

During term-time, we offer daily School sessions suitable for children from 6 years+. We aim to grow our school year on year to eventually offer education for children up to the age of 18.

As is the practice in smaller Steiner Schools, we combine our classes (two classes under one teacher) but unlike mainstream education, the class teacher will stay with the class for their entire education experience. This continuity of the same teacher fosters security and respect in the children and brings the teachers to a deeper understanding of the needs of each individual child in their care and how to support their developmental arc.

The School session runs from 8.45am to 1.45pm Monday to Friday. We also provide Breakfast Club in the mornings from 8.00 am and Afternoon care in the afternoons till 5.00pm Monday to Thursday.

The rhythm of School

Whilst our Kindergarten classes focus on learning through play, our School begins every day with a two hour main lesson. In the younger classes there is an emphasis on rhythmic speech, music and movement at the beginning of the day. The main lesson is divided into three week blocks, each with its own focus, based on the curriculum for that age. After main lesson at the children have snack and time to play outside before carrying on with subject lessons such as French, handwork, games, eurythmy and music.

The Main-Lesson or Morning-Lesson (both terms are used interchangeably) is an essential feature of the Steiner teaching method, and includes: activities to awaken and focus the child’s attention, oral and written practice of basic skills, mental arithmetic, music and drawing, presentation of new material, recall and discussion of previous day’s (or earlier) work, individual working,conversation, narrative and practical work.

The focus of the main-lesson changes every 3-4 weeks, and embraces and addresses a varied and progressive range of skills, competencies and faculties in mathematics, English, the arts, science and humanities. Each day’s main-lesson is viewed as an integrated and organic whole. Meaningful connections are made across subject areas and between main-lesson themes.

The school year then consists of these Main Lesson blocks which the class teacher sculpts into an artistic whole. During the first years of school, this will consist largely of Main Lesson blocks focused on the different aspects of English, of Numeracy, of Story, Picture and Imagination. The class teacher will find a balance between these different strands, weaving each subject into the others while following the seasonal flow of the year.

How to apply

Children are able to join our school at age six (equivalent to mainstream Year 2)
It is typical for our Kindergarden children to continue their Steiner education with us by joining the School but we also welcome applications from home-educated families and children looking to transfer from mainstream school.

To experience what we do at Beechtree, you can attend any of our public events and festivals and open evenings that we have throughout the year or follow us on social media. We also hold regular open evenings at the School for you to find out more about Beechtree, our community and look around the setting.

If you are interested in School, please contact us via for an information pack and application form or download one below:

School Application Form

Please be aware that our office is staffed part time, but we will respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible. 


Beechtree Steiner School is an independent school and thus fee paying. Our School classes run on a termly basis and we ask for each term’s fees to be paid at the start of the term. The fees are £5,265 per year or £478.64 per month paid over 11 months. You can learn more about our fees and see a cost breakdown for wraparound care on our Fees page.